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APRIL 2014 - Volume 9 Issue 1
In this issue, you will have an opportunity to review articles regarding events and programming that
St. John has been blessed to present to our members and the general community throughout the first few
months of 2014. We are very prayerful that everyone who comes in contact with St. John through this
publication will make it a point of visiting St. John for a Sunday morning service, join us for the Hour of Power
on Wednesday evening, the Fulfillment Hour and/or Breakfast Fellowship prior to Sunday morning service,
or the many upcoming events planned for the rest of the year. We look forward to seeing you there.
Please know that God loves you and so do we. Many Blessings!! . . READ MORE

APRIL 2013 - Volume 8 Issue 2
This issue of the Trumpet focuses on the celebrations held earlier this year commemorating
Black History Month and the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Articles include an excellent overview
of Agape’s Dreamer Wax Museum event and the guestspeakers who were present throughout the
month of February. We also have added an article detailing visiting missionaries from India who were
hosted by St. John’s Women’s Missionary Society. . . READ MORE
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FEBRUARY 2013 - Volume 8 Issue 1
It is again a wonderful feeling to be able to say for the 30th year, a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous
New Year to the St. John Family. I am indeed privileged to serve as the pastor of the greatest congregation
in all of Christendom and I thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support, your encouragement and
your graciousness -- as you have partnered with me to build God’s kingdom here on earth. . . READ MORE
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OCTOBER 2012 - Volume 7 Issue 1
First and foremost let me say how wonderfully blessed I am to serve as pastor of such a gracious
people. You have warmed my heart and blessed my spirit by allowing meto serve you and I am humbled by
your having partnered with me to make ministry happen here at St. John. I look forward to many more
years of servant leadership to this the greatest congregation in all of Christendom. Thanks for all you do
and continue to do to promote the Kingdom of God. . . READ MORE
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NOV 2011 - Volume 6 Issue 2
This past conference year has been one in which we’ve had to become acclimated to a new building and space; we’ve met
financial challenges; we’ve welcomed new parishioners as well as grieved the loss of others. We have been excited about new
ministries and activities for our community. We have seen God moving in new ways and with all the many challenges, we’ve remained true to our mission and vision. . . . READ MORE

MARCH 2011 - Volume 6 Issue 1
What a year we had in 2010 in the service of our Lord, St. John! In this issue of the St. John Trumpet, we give you a synopsis of a most auspicious chapter in the life of The John . . . READ MORE
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