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Children Ministry aspires to create an engaging learning experience for children, as well as teach the everlasting benefits of salvation. Further, our goal is to nurture the development of lifelong relationships with God through Christ. Ages: Infancy through 11 years of age.

College Ministry endeavors to build a physical and spiritual product of God's gravitational pull on Generation Y. The College Ministry's focus is to draw university students, alumni and recent high school graduates into a living social network centered on God, the spiritual empowerment of young people and the nexus between the two.

Comfort and Bereavement Ministry exists to provide spiritual and physical support to families during illness and death of loved ones. Our goal is to encourage, console, and support God's people in times of tribulation. Using Christ as our role model, our ministry ensures the members of St. John realize they are not alone, especially in moments of crises.

Emerging Disciples Program (8th Grade) is a season for our eight grade students to transition from Middle School to High School. Its purpose is help the students learn, review, and confirm the central beliefs of our Christian faith and the A.M.E. Church. The program is further meant to encourage them to contemplate what they believe and why they believe it. Throughout the year students and leaders journey through the curriculum, engage in conversation, ask clarifying questions, participate in mission, visit other faith communities, and build enduring relationshipsis designed to exalt (Christ), evangelize (the lost), educate (the community), edify (one another), and equip (the Body) as we carry out commission found in Matthew 29:19-20.

Greeter Ministry aims to welcome all visitors to St. John Church with love and heartfelt warmth..

Health and Wellness seeks to promote healthy living and exercise as an essential source to honor the body as a holy temple available to render service to God.

Junior High Ministry is to lead a continual group of young Christians toward lifelong service to Jesus Christ.  This mission is pursued through bible classes, worship services, devotionals, retreats and service projects to our community.

Life Partners Ministry is for couples who’ve been married 21 years or more. The aim is to reinforce and maintain the truth concerning all that is good and enduring in a happy and maturing marital relationship.  Marriage will have many days enriched with sweet memories, and it will have days as the moon – dry and dusty.  Nevertheless, the precious gift of enduring through it all makes the marriage stronger, deeper and more rewarding.

Liturgical Dance Ministry endeavors to bless God and His people by enhancing the praise and worship experience through the ministry of dance.

Media Ministry serves the church by providing comprehensive media services related to audio and visual technology for worship and other church wide services and/or events.

Men's Ministry seeks to glorify God by living lives of significance, through Bible study, leadership, service to His church both within and without its walls and promoting social fellowship from a Christian perspective.

Music and Arts Ministry seeks to glorify God and enhance the celebration of worship by preparing the hearts of worshippers through song for the spoken/preached Word of God. Music is a vital part of the worship experience and serves as a link to the heart of God.

Newsletter informs members, adherents and visitors of St. John of church St. John events and activities as well as those of the wider AME Church and the wider community.

Praise Choir/Sign Singers Ministry promotes the use of sign language to accompany live and/or recorded sacred music which expresses God’s wonder, love, faithfulness, goodness, grace and mercy; to magnify the meaning of the lyrics of songs while praising God through this “dance of the hands”; to inspire youth and adults to recognize the beauty of sign language and encourage further study in order to become more competent in communicating with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Scholarship Ministry prepares St. John Church high school students with educational experiences and resources to gain admission to a college or university and provides support studentsin their Christian life.

Security Ministry

Senior Adult Ministry works to ensure the spiritual, social and emotional needs of our senior members are met.  It engages in fellowship through activities that will educate, entertain and encourage the senior population.  The senior adults are dedicated to a life-long commitment of service to Christ.

Senior High Ministry is created to build a team of student leaders to ensure a relationally-based program that is dynamic and focused on working toward joining God in the transformation of students into Christ-centered disciples. To introduce and implement the culture of “Loving God and Loving Your Neighbor.”

Sick and Shut-in Ministry

Sixth Grade Ministry is just for sixth graders and prepares them for their transition into the Junior High Ministry. Our focus is fun events, fellowship, Bible study, and special activities just for them. The curriculum is designed to help a 6th grader gain a better understanding of Christ and how to apply Christian principles to life in today's world.

Spiritual Care and Nurture Ministry is the nurturing and care center ministry of the church which provides Christ-like care for all persons. Counselors offer spiritual care for people inside and outside the congregation, including those experiencing grief, divorce, job loss, terminal illness, loneliness, spiritual crisis, hospitalization, relocation, and other life difficulties.

Usher Board aims to engage worshippers with a pleasant smile, a warm welcome while assisting the Pastor to make sure the needs of the congregation are met during the worship experience.

Wedding Ministry seeks to assist engaged couples in creating a sacred wedding ceremony that glorifies God; to serve as a consultant for engaged couples and the pastor in order to clarify policies, procedures and/or other expectations associated with having a wedding in the chapel or sanctuary of St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church.
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Women's Ministry aspires to equip the women of St. John and community to be servants of God by addressing their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Women's Missionary Society endeavors to help others grow in the knowledge and experience of God through continual Christian training, as well as individual and collective mission work, thus challenging them to respond to God’s redemptive plan in the world.

Young Adult Ministry designed to work closely with the Congregational Life and Development Ministry, is created to develop and implement the program designed to address the needs of the Young Adults in the congregation and beyond. Coordinates transition activities for those graduating from College Ministries and transitioning to Young Adult Ministries.